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We've a habit of beingThere and our guys have been doing their thing with hike, bike and travel, which all butts up against the tourism tag that helps keep money coming in for rural businesses. The woes of the High Street gets tv news channels and newspapers palpitating, yet few of the townie reporters we see bracing themselves against the mic and the camera realise there is a whole different world out there that deserves people to be thinking about the countryside in a more positive way. Most will view it as all pretty picture postcard stuff and go adjectivising the topic, rather than taking themselves off and becoming part of the countryside community- then actually shopping locally. Good hike and bike shops have people who can talk the subject to develop an awareness that country isn't like town, a good call, and it's worth remembering that. They can make others aware that as much as people will make out the shrinking high street is bad for town centres, the malady of countryside shop closures is damning rural life. That's where the tourists amongst us comes in - let's not fill the boot, load the caravan locker or pack the sac with everything for the getaway time. Let's be good visitors, spend time shopping in the village store. What you spend there can make the difference to if the shop will be open on the next time you call. That matters.

Peter Lumley . editor at tradeandindustry
Twitter: @prlumley

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