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Those who spend time at Eurobike and other Trade experiences, they join in a world that is a balancing act on wheels, it's reckoned that people have propelled themselves forward in bicycling fashion for over 200 years, so just imagine how many miles or kilometres that means Man has covered. Over the years I've pedalled a fair bit yet I can't (or won't!) tell you which pedalling mode it was that pleased me most. If the better ride was on a single-fixed, a hub gear or a derailleur then that's for just me to remember, but what I can tell you is that the easiest rides I have ever made then all had added battery power.

When the e-bike first came to our market place I prophesised in print that this would help unify a nuclear family by enabling each and every one of them to travel at the same speed so no-one would get left behind. How some laughed at that, the idea that battery power would change cycling for good. Yet I'd say the last laugh has to be with the believers who peddled the persuasion, designed, marketed and now sell to the public an e-bike which definitely is changing the how, where, when and just how easy we go up the road together. Together, that is, with a lot of people like you and me who just want to be pleased and happy with riding a bicycle. It's a pretty lithe character, that 200 year old two wheel contraption, and it pays back big-time with every pedal stoke. Peddle it . . . .

Peter Lumley . editor
Twitter: @prlumley