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It's good to be happy and laugh a lot, it's great to be engaging things to get adrenalin pumping: when things turn out better we always feel on top of it. At this very back-end of 2017 it's extremely doubtful if any of that can be applied to Brexit, a match seemingly made in hell. Someone, please blow the whistle . . . but perhaps some-one may well have done just that in the last hour or so!

On blowing whistles . . a lot of variables that was to mind as we trussed this December tradeandindustry b2b with input from The Reliables, those people to trust for peer involvement and understanding when reporting often complex issues. We found nothing complex when conducting the Touring Survey (page 10-12) - all we had to do was saddle up, pitch in and join people at leisurely play. The hike, bike and travel offer for people being there keeps a lot of businesses happy.

Unhappily though, at times we met people suffering something of a gulf between the shop-shelf and getting the product to actually work for them in the field. When the start-out point is in the hands of low-paid Saturday Lads minding the counter and with too few experienced Regular Staff ready to relate to practicalities, then what price Customer Satisfaction and a resulting Loyalty? Might as well shop online?

It's a sign of today, you just click and it gets there quick - but where the internet just cannot work is with giving real face to face, hands-on help with solutions and advice for people wanting practical help or in-depth awareness for a particular set of circumstances. We heard intending-Customer tell of being less than well-advised in shops where bullshit brains were inside the helmets that the Trade shoved above the counter before the run-up to check-out time and banking the money.

One thing we discovered early on during our 90-day Survey is that people are always looking for the re-assurance that their hike, bike or travel set-up will work well for them - and often asked "where could I improve my lot?" It was obvious to me early on that these people know there is a lot of difference between the smartphone and the smiling face greeting a Customer at the Shop. I'd guess rewarding them with the knowledge of what does what and where . . or not is pretty essential if we want a buyer to come back for more . . .

That was the thinking when the Association of Cycle Traders formulated Cytech, an industry first that leads from the front so Retailers have smiley Customers . .

When the e-bike first came to our market place I prophesised in print that this would help unify a nuclear family by enabling each and every one of them to travel at the same speed so no-one would get left behind. How some laughed at that, the idea that battery power would change cycling for good. Yet I'd say the last laugh has to be with the believers who peddled the persuasion, designed, marketed and now sell to the public an e-bike which definitely is changing the how, where, when and just how easy we go up the road together. Together, that is, with a lot of people like you and me who just want to be pleased and happy with riding a bicycle. It's a pretty lithe character, that 200 year old two wheel contraption, and it pays back big-time with every pedal stoke. Peddle it . . . .

Peter Lumley . editor at tradeandindustry
Twitter: @prlumley