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Surely the busiest month ever. . .

For the way forward it is an expression of trust, hope and dedication that the Trade puts itself about so much . . September is a truly awesome month and has there ever been so many opportunities as right now? Since that very first editorial desk at tradeandindustry I cannot recall there being so many chances to network, so much product to admire, so many venues to reach. I leave that last word to register, seeing just how comprehensive, how bright and how cheerful are the cherries that buyers now can pick. All that is needed then is that they don't just admire this veritable harvest of invention and development but fill their basket, go to their wallet and make the till ring .. that is what we all want. Right!

And just to remind you that our staying in the loop means for October there will be another KSA b2b on the way to our readers, then we will be saying hi! as we meet out there when reporting from the September trail. As well, it'd be good to hear if there is anything you want checking out - simply ASK-KSA.

Peter Lumley . editor tradeandindustry -