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The June 2017 issue is published at the dawn of a whole load of 2018 introductions, tuning in well were the early birds who handled the diary re-shuffle exercise of a several years pattern. We noticed how a few hadn't quite re-set the clock but it is a mark of the Trade's keen work ethic that barely a blip registered into the red. Us, we have had boots on the ground, both at the Trade Fairs and when doing a "let's see" exercise of hike, bike and camp site living.

Getting about the place has always been the name of the game for The Reliables, our way of keeping ahead of the news and views and recreational activities. We're keen to strengthen our awareness and understanding of what the end user is doing with the gear the trade and industry puts in front of them. It's an ever-steep learning curve, so on a "please help" me question . . can someone offer advice for caravan living when the rain on the roof sounds like wee pebbles hammering to get out of a wildly shaken tin can. At Loch Ness Shores, and after 30-odd hours of continuous pebble-dashing activity, was I pleased our tent wasn't flavour of the trip! It was so wet the midgies flew with umbrellas . . . Well done the Clubs, both of you biggies, for having sites that are maintained to such high standards and offering happy holiday havens for campers. For years we've been spoilt, thanks!

Peter Lumley . editor
Twitter: @prlumley

There is a July issue already on the stocks and in preparation . . . always pleased to hear from you