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Not yet a month into 2018 with so much happening it already seems this is going to be THE year for firming up strategy on being there. We may be having less of a British winter at present but that cuts both ways: some love it, others are in regret mode. Still, at least we have Brexit, and for those who say they are unable to make a call on it wake up and smell the cup of coffee that's got a bitter taste. We've kicked off this tradeandindustry with the plastics story embroiling us, Sky Ocean Rescue have been waving for a whole year the warning flag about beaches that are trash pits. Hours and hours telling the environmental disaster story of a world gone wrong because of us. Us. What can be done about it? - You should start with Yourself and ask if the wrapping is really necessary. Those who jet around will have seen the departure lounge service to encapsulate your luggage in cling film; and it's plastic that's ended my buying Italian bresaola from the supermarket: non-recycleable wrapping weighs more than the meat! The industry federations have been brought together with the European Commission hoping to see an action plan put to them by the end of this year. By then that'll add up to about two years of talking around the topic. In the meantime we should ask how many of our product makers, distributors and retail operators are downsizing a reliance on plastic. No, I'll re-phrase that: Industry associations are in the right place, with the right contacts to give the right answers. No guesses needed, so tot it up, then reduce it down. Surely it cannot be difficult to reduce a reliance on plastic for packaging, padding and sealing a delivery. Let's have some answers so we know which brands are serious about this. And I don't expect to see another Trade Show press kit stuffed in a plastic bag, thanks: Messe Friedrichshafen's Eurobike bag originated as plastic bottles. With our home associations shooting for a mid-March 2018 usage assessment it could help stem the tide of plastic that's littering the place. Let's not stall on this one, get the dialogue going right now because Patient Planet is quite ill. As for what else to ponder from our b2b . . . have a read and see what takes your fancy - The Reliables have dished up plenty for you to chew on.

Peter Lumley . editor at tradeandindustry
Twitter: @prlumley