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On the camping ground, at a hike or bike trail near you and at places with super vistas, what you have done and are doing is helping make peoples' lives better. At almost halfway through, 2018 has a celebratory mood about it, anniversaries, new plots and schemes, a whole host of goodwill and happiness spread across the board at every opportunity for the getting out and about way of life. We share this together, yet with a fly in the ointment - an overwhelming frustration that somehow shop doorways are becoming entrances to gloom: where have all the shoppers on the street gone? People are buying stuff, people are using it, people are replacing it, moving on to try what they hope is something better. But less from shops nowadays, say the bean counters. The closure of shops resembles British weather, but with a paucity of bright spells and especially along Independent Retailer Street. There was once a saying there is strength in numbers, and with shop windows a tableau for encouraging desire then footfall then they are the real necessity. Without them business, trade and industry - and all that goes with it - is entering a dark doorway into the dark alley were the only light in the tunnel is nothing but a blinking screen. A virtual hike, bike and travel world - without mud on boots, tyres wearing out - that means the end of the Shop Counter Staff species who deliver the tricks of the trade. That they are endangered is pretty evident, and with them off the patch . . .

"Support your local Shop" is less a slogan, more the duty of brands, and just as much with us shoppers, too. You. Me. Family. Friends. Neighbours. Do that and we can make shopping great again.

Peter Lumley . editor at tradeandindustry
Twitter: @prlumley